Liverpool. Show us what you've got.

Jun 16, 2013

This coming Thursday marks the first of hopefully many more to follow Demo Liverpool events up at DoES Liverpool - an event organised by fellow Liverpool based freelance web developer Tom Darlow and myself in a attempt to bring together the local tech / startup scene via a platform where by we can all show off what we’ve been working on to each other.

Demo is an event for people working on products and ideas. Showcase your work, get feedback and gain invaluable insight.

A Demo is a 5 minute opportunity to present a product, feature, idea or concept. Followed by 10 minutes of structured Q&A. The idea being that by creating a conversation we can all gain invaluable insight through the experience of others.

We also hope that Demo proves to be as much inspiring as we hope it to be insightful. We figure that a room full of interesting people, working on interesting things, might just spark off some other interesting things.

All Demo slots for the 20th have now been allocated. We’ve got a great line-up and have been overwhelmed by the reception and support from the community in spreading the word. I can speak for the both of us when I say that we both look forward to and are excited to welcome you all to the first ever Demo Liverpool event.

In addition to Demo slots we’re also offering the chance for attendees to share knowledge or insight to the community through the means of ‘Lightening Talks’; a short 2-3 opportunity to address the room and share something.

A lightning talk is a short 2-3 minute opportunity to share knowledge or insight to the community. For example; a new piece of software that enabled or streamlined your process or an upcoming industry event (to mention but a few).

The Line Up

In no particular order here are a few words about some of our very first Demoers:

  • TicTocTourist a novel app for tourists looking to make best use of their time, “TicTocTourist Liverpool creates a custom tour of the city from your selection of current events and attractions.”.
  • Scraper Wiki a set of tools for doing data science on the web. Get, clean, analyse, visualise and manage your data online. With trucks.
  • JBake JBake is an open source static site/blog generator. Designed to support any structure of content, be platform independent and help improve the life span of URL’s.).
  • TBA innovative tablet computing for the older generation.
  • Good Night Lamp a family of connected lamps that lets you communicate the act of coming back home to your loved ones, remotely.
  • Texxi Texxi is a search application / algorithm for Transit (TRANSIT EXCHANGE FOR THE XXI CENTURY). Designed to optimise roadspacetime use (and thus reduce congestion), increase vehicle occupancy and reduce fuel use for the same carrying capacity. All without limiting freedoms.

So all in all a nice varied line-up for our first event. We’ve allocated a good number of our ticket quota and I’m optimistic for a few extra unexpected arrivals. If you haven’t already got your ticket then make sure to head over to the Eventbrite page to grab yours. Tickets are FREE but space is limited so do try your best to grab a ticket while you still can. Failing that, just turn up. If you’ve got something you’d like to Demo then we’d love to hear from you; head over to the Demo Liverpool website for details.

If you’ve got any questions then fire away.

Otherwise; see you Thursday.